Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The 4th week of September :(

The week turned out to be a total disaster for me. Yes!! total disaster what I mean. Firstly, when you aren't prepared at all, a tough day at desk doesn't bother you much because you know that that's what you deserved,for depending entirely on cheating.It may or may not go fair. But when you are fully prepared, and still the test goes wrong, it really hurts. Awful thoughts comes into mind. A sense grows inside that the time wasted for that subject could have been utilized in a much more efficient way.That's what happened with me, I entered the class with sufficient preparation, with all the formulae and concepts in my mind backing me.But suddenly I explored that the teacher was ready to screw us, and set a paper, which could only be solved if the time allotted was at least 2 hrs.But unfortunately the time limit was only 50 mins or so, and the teacher collected the paper even before the completion of the allotted time. Things could never have been worse,as I sat at the edge of the desk, and so had very little opportunity to cheat. I came out trying 5 among 6, but only 3 among them seemed to be correct. So the hope of getting an S in maths almost dies here.

Nipu Modak was very much irritated with us as Sagar shewed his butt to him. The poor fellow argued that we would rather have informed him that we are not going to attend the class. And as a revenge he arranged a "surprise test". To add to the injury I forgot to bring the copy containing those formulae of "belt-pulley" and immediately got marked by an enraged Nipu [he wants to date girls although he is married, seems he is not as "innocent" as he appears]
after the submission of the paper, we came to know that depending on what we have written in the paper, we are going to get evaluated. I scored D+. viz. the lowest possible grade. Thanks to my "formidable" memory.

I got caught red handed by GS while smoking in the class. The arrogant fellow was not supposed to be there at the recess, but again thanks to my "good" luck. He threatened me to inform the head. But I reckon he still have not done anything.

There are more things to go. My "bold" classmates forgot to inform Shibaji sir about the class test.And I am sure that another "chat" is waiting for us from Shibaji sir.

Meanwhile the only positive side has been the test of MR. It seems that it has gone fair.At least I think so.

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