Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lyk I bleed but wait...lyk nothins wrong

Sometimes people accuses me to be indifferent to consequences. Like, some friends of mine tells me some of his/her findings,which he/she thinks to be important n i simply don react to them. One think i've understood in this span of 19 yrs [20 to be soon] that ur own emotion simply doesn hav any importance to most of the people with whom u interact, includin ur "best frnds" or sumtimes even ur "caring parents"... i've experienced so much numbness 4m the ppl arnd me that i myself have become numb... so called gr8 events or things deserving interest don affect or interest me ne more... i've finally learnt to live on my own... but sumtimes even my threshold breaks, the eyes want to burst into tears, but dey can't... curse of bein a man... i want to cry but mah eyes betray... a warm cloud of vapor surrounds my head...sumtimes i just want to breathe, but i can't... i don care 4 w8ever happens in the world surrounding me, i simply don care for!!!... previously i loved the words "you" & "we" but now i'm changed...all that think is abt "i", jus lyk u guys suurounding me, the thousands of clowns dat roam the streets daily. Not talkin abt ne1 in particular. but its u, u guys who hav made me lyk this...

P.S.:- My dear frnds [either 4m college or from school], don bother to think urself so important to me dat i'll waste mah tym n write a blog entry 4 u guys. Puttin straight forward, its not abt u .

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