Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The things that I've learnt ever since I entered JU:-

1) Vodka tastes like pickled shit. What on Earth makes people drink that????
2) Carrying cigarette packets in your jeans is harmful for your wallet.
3) Cigarette smoking is injurious for your pocket.
4) Table tennis is not a bad game either.
5) Cheat in the exams, unless the guard's gonna catch you.
6) Teachers suffer from a huge amount of complex.
7) Most of the people are not open minded and unapproachable.
8) Seniors are basically good guys but there are exceptions.
9) Nitrazepum is for people who really need it.
10) Gods are there as there are demons.
11) Ragging is not that an issue.
12) The doors is a highly overrated band.
13) Kurt forever.
14) People usually are not ready to help others.
15) Sweet girls are hard to find.
16) Being present in the class is a good habit, but being absent may help you more.
17) Lectures are boring.
18) Beer tastes best when chilled.
19) Hangout is really a cool thing to do, much cooler than a date.
20) Sudipta [male] is a Gandu.
The exams are finally over and this could not have been a more disastrous ending. Although it was much better than I expected and also mentioned in the last entry. As expected I got screwed in the digital section, had to leave 7 marks untouched. There are wrong answers among the others too. However as one of my friends says, the results are still at least two months away, so lets stop talking about this and enjoy this moment. The most important thing that I learnt in this exam is that its getting tougher and tougher to manage the syllabus at the last moment. I studied continuously for at least 3 weeks last sem but still failed to manage to cover the whole syllabus properly, I mean it was done somewhat but it was not enough, as I realised during each and every single paper. So I reckon that I'll have to start the studies for the next semester soon, unless the same thing will occur once again. This was the most difficult semesters that I've faced in my life. Most of the papers were tough, I mean that may those not have been that tough but with that level of preparation, everything seems tough. The circuit theory paper was tough, had there not been Gorai with his helping hands, I would surely have been screwed. The prime mover paper was not that tough. But because for my reluctance and also some ambiguous question setting, it went bad for me. Primarily because I didn't have good marks in the class tests, I am sure that I will fail to score even an A in that subject, the rest is in the hands of the God. The computer and materials papers went well, then came maths, the paper was easy but we had poor marks in the class tests [courtesy- mm], so it will not give me a good grade either. And finally electronics. Swagatam Das set his best, and there was no Gorai to help me. Souvik was there though but the guard was strict resulting in me to have a nightmare. However I think I'll not be able to score greater than 8.2-8.3 this sem. Lets see what happens next sem.

Oh!! by the way!! there's a girl who is very much furious on me. I want to say her that I am sorry and this will happen never again. He was not intending it. Please forgive me. :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Its the eve of the last exam of 2 year 1st sem, the much anticipated electronics paper, for some people. For me, its the worst nightmare that can ever come. You know, the math paper was really trivial, and we all were under lots of pressure regarding that, so it had been a release for me, release from fatigue, my mind is simply refusing to cooperate me, I know that tomorrow I am going to get screwed bigtime, I know that I am entering the cage with 20 marks as handicap, I know I have forgot the implementation of the easiest of gates and muxes and demuxes and blah blah blah, I know that I've left the 555 timer and decade counter untouched, and lastly I know the great Swagatam Das is going to set the paper, but all these are not bothering me currently, unless I would have been in the bed now. The grades gonna fall markedly, the gpa will become worse, scoring 8.5 will remain in dreams but still I have turned somewhat ignorant to all these, most probably because of the frequent fatigue and fatigue release, that has brought about a permanent set of deformation in my mind. Each and every boy of the class are at bed now, but I am awake, I know it gonna affect ma performance tomorrow, but you know I can't help. I am still wondering that why cant these motherfuckers set a easier paper. Once I was told that setting a difficult paper is not a hard task to accomplish at all, but its really tough to make it easy. Probably the teachers are also too much reluctant to think about the paper. All in all I am gonna get sucked up bigtime tomorrow. All I can now ask for is to request you that " pray for me brother, pray for me sister:. Adieu.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everyday, when I return from my college by train, I lean at the doors. Not because I try to act as a so called "Hero" but because the congestion inside causes asphyxia to me. When I was a little child, or say comparatively younger than what I am now, I had the capability to slid through the crowd, only to get stifled, I used to feel as if a pair of hands clasping my trachea strongly and I am trying to set myself free from the grip, but all my attempts are going to vain. Well! that's a small explanation from my side for leaning even after being aware of the fact that its a fatal habit. Now as I lean and feel the fresh,cool stream of air gushing past me, I usually gawk at the Moon. Strange! Isn't it? Be there a gorgeous lady inside, I still gape at the moon. It's so beautiful that I simply can't resist myself from doing that. I know it sounds stupid but whenever I see a beautiful lady, I always compare her with the full moon, and always end up finding some shortcomings in her in comparison to the Moon. My friends accuse me of having a poor choice, but I have always searched for a face that is as innocent and as gleeful as the Moon is. For the pair of eyes that conveys serenity and has some depth. Like a calm sea or rather ocean. Being a typical Scorpio, I always had this awkward habit of judging and guessing the character of people by their eye expressions. I have been deceived for many times but that enhanced my experience further. Often, I have been able to predict someone's action or mentality by merely judging their eyes. My close friends will tell. I want someone who will not become so bare in front of my eyes, even after years. I hate people who tend to get predictable. I hate realizing the reason behind the action of others. Come on! gimme a break, make things a bit more complicated for me. Put on some challenges in front of me. I have never loved someone before. Yes! my friends will simply wave that claim but its true. Had I been in love, I could never have been able to forget that lady so easily. It took me an year though, but I am that kind of a person who never forgets. Within the span of an year???!!! now, come on!!!! But I'm having a bit of uneasy feeling now a days, like getting lost between a conversation or looking for a face in a place where it is impossible to find or expecting some unusual and extremely weird event and finding it accomplished!! Strange things na???? Have never been through this before. Long live the" I don't know what" for making that day so special. It had been special for me toooooooooo!!!!! :D

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today was a fun day again. I woke up about 12. Puja shopping again. I went to South City with my sister. Well! I convinced her to buy me a jeans, a "Moustache" in fact. The previous day I saw Moustaches getting sold for 800 odd at highland park.Assuming that the price will not vary much with place,we went to South City. But it was not the case. Moustache prices seems to touch the sky here [at least for us]. But my didi bought me one. It costed 1300 odd but was really beautiful.
We had other things to shop too. I bought a "Nike" deo for myself and Didi bagged a perfume bottle from "Archies Galary" for our dad.

Shopping at there being over,we retired for "The Metropolis" again. Didi purchased a deo for herself and a t for Nayanda there. We had a lot of fun and finally returned home at around 7:30. Didi was very kean to watch "OM SHANTI OM" being telecast on the television. and I adjusted myself in front of the computer screen.