Wednesday, September 24, 2008


God bless Debraj!! he saved us from Shibaji by informing him about the class test schedule at right time. With such responsible people at side, who can demand more. Another nice observation is that at last other people of the class have started taking some responsibility. Once again sincere thanks to Debraj and whoever was with him. With such people in class, I wonder how am I leading the "most responsible guy" poll. I can't remember of a single responsibility that I've taken. Once again thanks to my "unpredictable" memory, I always forget important events and appointments. But that's Gorai who gave me the information. Dunno whether he was kidding or not.

The day was a comparatively better one with no scheduled class test, although "KD" is knocking at the door. But who cares to think about that before the last moment. I woke up at nearly 11:00 o'clock and the first face I saw was of a "rang mishtri". Well!! I was a little bit surprised seeing him, but soon I realized that our house is getting painted. As usual I rushed to the college, although I had no reasons to hurry today, the only class that I had to attend was that of Nipu Modak, but then it has become a habit for me. The 1:35 Baruipur local kept me standing on the station for at least half an hour, on reaching Jadavpur, I first submitted the telephone bill, and then sauntered into the university with a Coke in hand. It was 2:55 then so I was perfectly in time, Gorai being responsible enough, brought the " bush-pin" assignment with him, the only headache was that, whether Nipu will conduct the viva as a revenge or not, but Nipu thought otherwise. Instead he told us to finish the "belt-pulley" within the class interval. By not repeating the mistake that we do over and over and still don't learn,we took that order seriously, but still failed to finish the assignment completely within the class. I mean it was almost done but the dimensioning portion was left. But Nipu behaved sympathetically this time, And told us that we can submit the assignment any day within the next Tuesday. But instead of sighing in relief,we took the job even more seriously and almost finished it. Gorai explored today that he draws quite well, and frankly speaking apart from those misaligned lines, his drawing was far better than me. I had to draw the hatched lines for Crunchy, the chap was seriously under pressure at the beginning of the class, as his previous assignment was not finished, but this buddy simply denies to learn, at the moment Nipu told us that there's no need of submitting the assignment that day, all his seriousnesses evaporated. I requested him to complete the job in the class but he replied," kata na!! ar valo lagche na". Well! I think he loves to get under pressure. No comments further.

There were not all roses, I lost my protractor. And that made me to throw the pencil in my hand in disgust. But all well that ends well!! now if I be able to read a considerably large portion of KD's syllabus, I will regard this day as the best day for me in this month

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