Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shoppin Day

The KD exam was so so. I tried all but the last question was from "paging and segmentation". I tried to make that portion into my blunt brain the previous day. but I failed but as it was expected and correctly apprehended by Gorai, it was set into the paper and I failed to draw the diagram, I did write some gibberish in its place although. Apart from this, the test was fine, much better than that was expected.
We got informed that the elab will take place as usual, extremely reluctant after the much needed fatigue release, we especially Souvik tried to postpone the class, but all his and our efforts went to vain as NKD [misread to be a nice man by Souvik],the controller of the labs denied strongly. Our experiment was not at all a hard or time consuming one so we packed up early and got our circuit diagrams checked by SH, it was needed because she was one of the most unpredictable teacher, and we cant afford to waste our time in order to get our copy signed by her, on the eve of the electronics and materials tests. However I was on a hurry to leave the college, and in haste I forgot to pick up my clipboard, lab manual and umbrella. The first two was smartly collected by Beji but the third got lost.
I was in a haste because I had a plan to go to Highland Parks in order to complete my Puja Shoppings, Panu accompanied me in this journey. We finally left for there at about 7:30. And after a lot of troubles we finally reached there. I bought 2 jeans from Koutons and one from Passport. Happy with the shopping we returned to our home. Panu had plans to stay at our place that day much to my delight. The day ended with fun.

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