Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today I installed Pidgin!!. Its nothing but a simple chat platform like Skype or Meebo. Difference with Meebo is that instead of being fully online it has to be installed. I think I am not being able to express myself. What I am trying to mean is that, it runs in your computer instead of some online server. With Pidgin you can get logged in simultaneously into several instant messengers eg Yahoo mail, Gtalk, AIM etc in one application. Extremely useful for us who have limited RAM. The interface is pretty, but initially I found it rather a bit complicated much like other GNU open source applications. But the basic operations are simple enough. I was eager to test it on someone, but Sorvaja poured cold water on my excitement as he logged out almost as soon as I logged in. Souvik was there online but as expected, he was not responding. I reckon that poor fellow has either gone to bed or is chatting with someone special. I tried to create some custom smiley but it didn't work. But the main reason behind me installing Pidgin was to see who have blocked me, and to my utter surprise it came out to be Subhayan, once best friend of mine, no other guy apart from him blocked me which is also a matter of astonishment for me. But with Pidgin, the primary reason for me to use Gtalk will not get satisfied as I am not going to get the orkut scrap notifications there. So I'll have to continue to use Gtalk. Another cool feature about this software that unlike the Gtalk application, it has the "invisible" status there. A facility that Gtalk [although not the Gtalk from within Gmail] failed to provide. I renamed some of my friends in some funny names, eg:- I renamed Somangsu as "Bagh kore chi chi". It was fun though it lead me to waste my precious time, and now I have only 3 pages of "KD" done... Amen

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