Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today was a fun day again. I woke up about 12. Puja shopping again. I went to South City with my sister. Well! I convinced her to buy me a jeans, a "Moustache" in fact. The previous day I saw Moustaches getting sold for 800 odd at highland park.Assuming that the price will not vary much with place,we went to South City. But it was not the case. Moustache prices seems to touch the sky here [at least for us]. But my didi bought me one. It costed 1300 odd but was really beautiful.
We had other things to shop too. I bought a "Nike" deo for myself and Didi bagged a perfume bottle from "Archies Galary" for our dad.

Shopping at there being over,we retired for "The Metropolis" again. Didi purchased a deo for herself and a t for Nayanda there. We had a lot of fun and finally returned home at around 7:30. Didi was very kean to watch "OM SHANTI OM" being telecast on the television. and I adjusted myself in front of the computer screen.

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