Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Gnat" Marathon

Today has been a all mag day. Now by magging, I obviously do not mean that I am going to snipe an odd of 100 people with an AWP in hand only to get prosecuted the next day with an allegation of mass murdering. Mag means Studies here, or rather "Gnat" would be the more appropriate word here. So I woke up with mental preparations, thanks to KD. Then I started to mag at about 11 am or so, things went on smoothly initially but as time went on my "main memory" started refusing to cooperate. I was sitting in front of those xeroxes and was uttering those words written on them as loudly as possible so that they may penetrate my eardrum and get embossed in my brain. But things did not take place as I expected and I ended up with forgetting almost everything I read. God knows what will happen tomorrow.
 I also have a plan of shopping trousers from the "Highland Parks" tomorrow. The "Pujas" are almost there and I have not completed my shoppings yet. The primary reason behind it is lack of time. Time has been zooming past me this week. Thanks to all of our teachers. 
Tomorrow is Aman's birthday and I will have to plan what I will gift him, Talking about Aman, some people accuses him to be a little indifferent towards emotions. But I dont think so. Yesterday, when I was busy in the drawing class he and Panu did something that I can only expect from my mom, sis or Priyabrata. They arranged my instruments and put them tidyly inside the bag. As I have said earlier small things move me more than the bigger events do. Thanks to both of them. While talking about Aman's Birthday gift, I suddenly realised that I have not yet given the gifts to Goraiman and Siddhartha. I will have to purchase the gifts as soon as possible because to me Souvik's idea of giving them a cake failed to convince me. I dont know when I will be able to. 
I have started playing CS again and found that my reaction time has become awful. Although it still requires 2 bullets for me to kill an opponent but it is taking a hell lot of time to aim. An expected outcome of not being in touch for almost an year. But surprisingly I explored that I have not still forgotten the recoil techniques of CV and Carbine. I tried mag also but again I discovered that I can never be Aman

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