Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everyday, when I return from my college by train, I lean at the doors. Not because I try to act as a so called "Hero" but because the congestion inside causes asphyxia to me. When I was a little child, or say comparatively younger than what I am now, I had the capability to slid through the crowd, only to get stifled, I used to feel as if a pair of hands clasping my trachea strongly and I am trying to set myself free from the grip, but all my attempts are going to vain. Well! that's a small explanation from my side for leaning even after being aware of the fact that its a fatal habit. Now as I lean and feel the fresh,cool stream of air gushing past me, I usually gawk at the Moon. Strange! Isn't it? Be there a gorgeous lady inside, I still gape at the moon. It's so beautiful that I simply can't resist myself from doing that. I know it sounds stupid but whenever I see a beautiful lady, I always compare her with the full moon, and always end up finding some shortcomings in her in comparison to the Moon. My friends accuse me of having a poor choice, but I have always searched for a face that is as innocent and as gleeful as the Moon is. For the pair of eyes that conveys serenity and has some depth. Like a calm sea or rather ocean. Being a typical Scorpio, I always had this awkward habit of judging and guessing the character of people by their eye expressions. I have been deceived for many times but that enhanced my experience further. Often, I have been able to predict someone's action or mentality by merely judging their eyes. My close friends will tell. I want someone who will not become so bare in front of my eyes, even after years. I hate people who tend to get predictable. I hate realizing the reason behind the action of others. Come on! gimme a break, make things a bit more complicated for me. Put on some challenges in front of me. I have never loved someone before. Yes! my friends will simply wave that claim but its true. Had I been in love, I could never have been able to forget that lady so easily. It took me an year though, but I am that kind of a person who never forgets. Within the span of an year???!!! now, come on!!!! But I'm having a bit of uneasy feeling now a days, like getting lost between a conversation or looking for a face in a place where it is impossible to find or expecting some unusual and extremely weird event and finding it accomplished!! Strange things na???? Have never been through this before. Long live the" I don't know what" for making that day so special. It had been special for me toooooooooo!!!!! :D

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