Sunday, June 29, 2008

Feeling Alien

Situations, where I feel awkward in? Well! There are lots of them for me. In fact, I feel awkward most of the times. Be that my fault or of someone else’s. But I reckon its from my corner since it happens so frequently!! Du’uh!!

I feel uncomfortable, when my mom reveals all the perils I used to create in my childhood to some stranger [at least to me], I have told mom not to do so for at least 1000 times, but I reckon, she gets a heavenly pleasure stating them. So till now, none of my tries to stop my mom emerged worthy. There’s a lot more about my mom. Usually she’s the one who creates the most uncomfortable situations for me. Suppose, we have gone to someone’s wedding or birthday party. I stay assured that inspite of repeated requests; my mom will leave me and my dad alone and join the other ladies there. Well! I understand. being a working woman, my mom gets very little chance to interact with our relatives, so it can’t be regarded as her fault. But the outcome remains the same. And I feel even more uncomfortable when my father starts smoking in front of me. Yeah!! I know, I can’t ask for a cigarette from him, the result will be something disastrous for me. But still, I expect him not to smoke in front of a chain smoker, who’s striving for cigarettes. Talking about my dad, he always complains me that I don’t give enough time to the family (means I don’t talk with them a lot), although my pina is almost a perfect black body that reflects all the incident sound waves, but according to Stefan’s law, sometimes some waves do get absorbed, and I start trying to be a good boy. But whenever I approach towards them, they tell me to me keep shut because they think that unless Ekta Kapoor may feel lonely.

Another awkward situation is that whenever someone asks me whether I know computer, while I was in class 8 or so, my sister used to ask me the same regularly. Well, I should not blame my sister, there’s a lot more veteran and experienced people, who have asked me the same.

Now, my family is not from some alien planet, sometimes my school friends used to do the same. When I was in class 5-7, very often it happened that the teacher asked me a question, I answered, and the whole class started doing “ha ha ha”s. I simply hate this “ha ha ha” thing. When they were asked, they used to give ridiculous replies most of the times. Now I have entered the college, and I still find people doing this “ha ha ha” thingie. In most of the times, I find the reason behind the laughter to be so feeble to even generate a smile. But still “ha ha ha”s, sorry, I don’t have any habit of going to any laughing club.

Whenever,one of my school life friends,meet me, he tells me about the recent affairs of my ex-girlfriend and end up the description by saying," I know it doesn't bother you anymore." I feel awkward but who cares.

Perhaps the most inconvenient situation for me is an appointment with a punctual guy. My close friends know that if I say that I’ll arrive at 9 am, they shouldn’t expect me before 10 am. Now if there’s a punctual guy at the opposite side, life becomes tougher for me. I feel uncomfortable whenever somebody asks for my cell number, because I know that the device remains switched off for most of the time and will remain so for the rest of its life span. The situation turns up more or less for me, when I have a strong fight with someone and have made up my mind to neglect him/her for some days and he/she offers me a COKE.

There’s such an endless list. From the most common situations to some weirdest of incidents. The situation has become so worse that sometimes I feel uncomfortable feeling comfortable.

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sayansengupta said...

good one.reminds me of my school days