Monday, July 21, 2008


Good and evil is so relative!! Isn't it? Sometimes I wake up in the morning and discover a few blisters in my body. Who the hell have created them?? I reckon me. I dare to make that public as some people may call me psycho [or whatever, I cant remember the exact word], you may think me to be a crooked minded human being, a psycho. Hell yeah!! there I am, I like to torture. when there's none available or when the law binds me, why not it be me , myself. Alcohol is a great way to loose yourself. Like it splits you in two, well!! we all have at least two persons living in the same body, at least I do have. My instinct enforces me to torture one of them and make him recessive. and alcohol helps me to do so, in normal state the two faces gets tangled with each other, and torturing one of them, implies infliction of the same on the other. But I don't want that, one at a time,its my principle. Now that's the reason behind me, drinking cohol. The reason behind me, not drinking cohol is that it enables the people around you to joke on you. I just hate people joking on others, because the one who jokes usually remains unaware of the fact that he is full of flaws. I hate people who think they are special, because in most of cases they consider being a bit different from others is uniqueness. It may not be so, may it be that all the people around you are special and you are the only one who is not. Very much possible !! seems confusing??? let me cite a lame example, when I was in class 7 or so, a question regarding the characteristic of some plant was given in the paper, we all answered briefly but one among us wrote the characteristic of all the plants he knew. On being asked, the reply was, lets try something different. Now according to me that was complete idiocy. So many times, I have found people battling over "their specialty" that I am glad to state that I am not special. Teetaw Teetaw [:D] you got it there, I AM SPECIAL BECAUSE I DON'T THINK MYSELF TO BE A SPECIAL PERSON REGARDLESS OF WHATEVER SPECIALTY I HAVE [:D]THAT INDEED MAKES ME SPECIAL IN THIS SPECIAL WORLD FULL OF SO MUCH SPECIALS.WAIT!! THERE'S A CIGARETTE BRAND OF THE SAME NAME AS WELL. Now that I finally started discussing of cigarettes let me explain why I smoke! not for a hallucination or the weird feeling some people use to cite [symptoms resembling vertigo and epilepsy, my pituitary is not that week], OTHERWISE I COULD HAVE WAITED FOR 3 DAYS AND SMOKE ONLY ONE CIGARETTE,cigarettes for me is like a dose to my other face. while one gets involved in some work, the other cherishes the break. Why should it??? let it get engaged in some destructive activities, like I need some guns to blow off hypocrites and some MPs to take over the throne, too difficult, man. lets smoke a cigarette, blowing off hypocrites isn't a bad idea either, but the sad news is that they think others to be idiots, so sad, but too bad for them people even after realizing their mentality commits the same mistake over and over again.Also cigarette has been like my girlfriend, accompanied me in my blues, in those nights before exams, in shadows of my life, then why should I leave them now, " SMOKING IS INJURIOUS FOR HEALTH BLAH BLAH BLAH...GO TO HELL. LIVE TEN MORE YEARS THAN ME IN THIS SO SPECIAL WORLD, I DONT CARE. I AM HAPPY WITH THEM. NOW A DAYS, I HAVE STOPPED CONSUMING HARD LIQUORS.But cant leave cigarettes, nor is planning to. AMEN!!


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