Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sarkar what????!!!!!

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, me and my friends decided to give Sarkar raj a try recently. That morning I woke up late as usual and hurried towards the spot as usual receiving at least 3-4 calls from Aman and Gorai while in the go. But I somehow managed to reached the spot, " The Fame" of "South City Mall" in time [at least I think so ] and found Neel and Aman waiting for me [or doing something else!!] on meeting them I finally entered the hall and found Sumit, Gorai and some of their school friends there. The movie started finally.

Right from the beginning Sarkar Raj was a pain in the ass, with some silly acting, some misused "Govinda Govinda" background tune and some funky characters with their lips painted black in order to get appeared as a chain smoker [I want to know, which brand of cigarettes or cigars does he smoke]. The movie is a sequel of "Sarkar" and started from where the former ended with Shankar Nagre [Abhishek Bacchan] taking the charge from his father Subhash Nagre [Amitabh Bacchan]. The story revolves around some power plant project. Shankar thinks it to be a major milestone in the development of Maharashtra but Subhash thinks it will make the villagers refugees and clinch their agricultural fields, Shankar somehow manages to convince his father. The story advances. I will not be a spoilsport by telling the whole story and killing the "fun". Abhishek Bacchan tried as much as he could do [he could do nothing], Amitabh was impressive, Aisharya looked like a bimbo as usual. All beauty no expression. I dunno when will we get some acting from her, in the last part of the movie, when Amitabh was telling her all about the conspiracy and she was crying,even then I was not able to see any expression in her face.With Ramu as the director one can not expect a better movie than this. The story was stupid, depiction was stupid, and even the twist was stupid. [Someone among my friends told that they chose the character of ******** because they dint find any other].

However as the movie ended, we went for a better view of the mall.The mall is known as a place for rich people, but I did find some goods that's well within the reach of the middle class, eg. some fine goggles were being sold at well under 1000 bucks. But my eyes got stuck to a female apparel and I bent down to see the price tag. Donu suspected something else [:X] and that made me to move my ass from there. The day was gloomy; these days remind me of little R but some smoking seasons with Aman weren't bad too. We went for lunch to some Chinese restaurant [thanks to Nil], and enjoyed the lunch well. Although Donu stole my pieces of what is called "Honey Chicken". Then we returned to the college,for some drinks. The Uturn meeting was going to take place at about 4. I had almost 5 pegs that day,drunk until I found my head too heavy to keep it off the ground, unaware of when the meeting took place.

As I came back to senses, I went back to my home. I knew what was waiting there for me. [:D] Another day ended.

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