Friday, June 13, 2008

Realisation; again?????????

Mah mates alleged me of writin sum borin craps [which i call story] in the blog n asked me 2 share mah day 2 day xperience... so m tryin... m not very gud at narrating n more so in English... so m jus tryin folks...

oke yesterday we went 4 da t-shirt distribution among seniors... 1 who knows abt it will understand, oders need not. mah mind waz seekin 4 a break n hold dat beloved tt bat. but du uh!!! i neva got a chance.gettin up early in da morning, sum words with two of my bestest frnds n i had a go.although i wanted 2 talk wid dem longer. i reached da station n found dat the train waz cancelled, hoping there will b sum fellow 2 accompany me n share da snubs.luckily i got another lyadkhor like me.when we reached the spot. we found sum seniors n sum o mah frnds countin sum tshirts.well, there r two states in mah life, one is the king n another is the popper, dat waz da begger day, wid 50 bux in mah pocket n i forgot 2 bring mah id card i wanted 2 go there by one of mah seniors car. But neva got a chance. I got into a bus wid sum oder ppl n 1 of my best frnd [luckily he decided 2 go wid me, another poor chap got an attack of asthma, but at da end of the day i think he waz lucky], when v reached da spot i called the senior with whom v were supposed 2 go. but he told us there waz no need of us n v better stay wid da band. i got totally pissed of, first of all i never had the intentions to go there n now dey were tellin dat dere waz no need of us at all, so keepin dat grudge in mind i followed the group. I heard sum1 tellin *hey its worthy. G has a hutch connexn.n A has a reliance connexn.* now i realised how important we were n was feelin real bad 4 G cz although he himself chose 2 cum wid us, but i thought i sumhow influenced his decision. However the senior wid us did not seem 2 b so opportunistic. n himself made sum calls 4m his own mobile.

when the work at there was over [n none of the passout asked us 4 sumthin 2 eat] we started wandering in streets.We wandered a lot a lot a lot n a lot.Always knowin da destination but neva da purpose.I hav previously told dat da senior wid us waz comparatively soft hearted.He didnt give me or any of the members ne chance 2 complain. We had sum *kachori*s as our lunch n he eventually starved.of course we paid ours.but still, who does even dis!!!!

we met another band by the way, n got united 2 form a yet bigger gp, meanwhile da senior wid da car appeared wid a 1st yr boy. I was rejoiced 2 see him back.never having a breakfast or a proper lunch, mah feet were refusing 2 cooperate me. mah instead of givin us a lift he ordered us 2 supply sum tshirts, n da oder boy started discussing w8 a tr8 he had, i was totally pissed off n still smilin, da senior selected sum members 2 get into his car, i dunno da reason n i dun wanna know, w8ever be the cause, this was inhuman is da boy who waz always in the car sum blue-blood???!!!

gettin totally distusted i wanted 2 return 2 moi room, but sum of da gpmembers had oder plans.dey wanted 2 go 2 a pub.oke..chalo lets go. dont forget us. feelin as thirsty as never b4 i n mah frnd followed dem. the entered sum pub n ordered sum cohol for dem, n started discussin u-turn

arre vai koi pyass to bujhao, kuch khane ko to do, fir uturn dekha jayega. mah frnd turned his face 2wards me wid a weird smile n asked me whether i ll hav sum vodka.[i l8r came 2 know he broke his security deposit 4 dis] i readily agreed, n the waiter informed us dat theres a nu brand in the market which will give u a peg free if u take 2. mah frnd convinced another one 2 hav 1 so i finally got sumthin 2 drink.but ek se pyass nehi bujhta yaar. I wanted 2 escape, but a senior gave me n another chap, 15 bux n told us 2 buy a pack of gold flake. a bhikharee donated 5 rs expecting at least w8 he paid for. but as soon as da senior saw a cig waz missin he told us 2 return dat. oh i forgot, i got a toooo large sip of beer.

but sumhow i tried n managed 2 escape. now 1 of mah frnd will say dat fuck dis small things n forget all dis. but boss, small things tells u a lot dan bigger things. sum1s mentallity gets totally reflected in small things. dey tell u a lot more dan dey r supposed 2. Whenever ppl see dat dere can be a bigger * bawal*, they start to control demselves.


GrEeN said...

nice read
But problem is....PLEASE dun go around judging people just like that

the senior in d car u toked abt is one of the finest guy in JU

so even in the "small things" he might look as a bad guy but in d end u ll get to know the clearer picture.......and u have to give me treat remember???

so go ahead and treat me

cheers to sector V

Sum1 said...

yeah he did returned to his cool state once we returned in our college..

Anonymous said...

ore amar bondhu......i like ur stories......much better than ur posts......thing is ppl like green dnt have any imagination!!!!!!!rite green?

GrEeN said...


Sum1 said...

@ Nilayan and Souvik