Monday, June 16, 2008

The bliss of solitude

Can trees talk? A scientist would answer "No".But a lone child will say"yes". Have u ever heard trees talking? They don't shout, but u can feel them whisper & whimper. When I was a child of 5 years or so, a "Gulmohar" tree was my best friend. I was not able to play with other children in the park as they were much older and stronger than me. I used to remain silent at one corner hugging my best friend. He was not quite a tree then but still.

I used to talk with him, quarrel with him and even sometimes beating him, when I hit him , I could clearly fell him whimper. We used to chat for a long long time until the darkness arrived with her veil on.

we used to get drenched in the shower together & he expressed his glee clearly by swaying his branches, & putting dry leaves all over me. In the autumn, he used to greet me with his first blossoms.

Then I grew up & realized what a fool I were to select a tree as my friend. I suddenly realized that it can't talk, can't play with me can't do anything. I used to play in the same park,but didn't bothered of him , I clearly felt that he was sobbing. but that's what to me ? I have had newer friends.

Time went by, now I am even older.Now I realize that I was the greatest fool of the world. I didn't realize that a man has masks. Some real friends may come in ur life, they are like precious jewels but most of the so called " friends" are opportunists . They will come to u when they require u, & leave u alone when their interests are fulfilled.

Never ever betray ur childhood friends. Friendship is more precious than gold. And in most cases the childhood friends of you are your real friends be that a tree or even a book.


Anonymous said...

good good....i like

but work on your english...atleast grammatical errors....

Shreyasi said...

Beautiful thought.Great read!

Reminded me of a song by the Paul,Peter and Mary band.It's called Puff,the magic dragon.Do listen once.

GrEeN said...

i was thinking about puff the magic dragon
may be its not d same thing but EXCELLENT analogy

as nice as innocence itself
u shud write poems
excellent ideas but u know it wud be more properly explained if writen cryptically in a poem


Sum1 said...

@ Green

Yeah, I did try to write poems

But I have a weird ideology.I write whatever I feel,whatever I think and I never think in poems. that's the chief reason behind me not writing poems.

@ Shreyashi

Thanks. I have listened to the music n really liked it.

@ Nilayan

Ya dude. I should and will work on my English. But this post was written by me when I was in the 9th standard. My English has improved a little bit till then.