Thursday, June 5, 2008

A tale of a,b,c n ME

Okay!! First the readers require an xplanation that y I were not here dese days, n y did I finally cum back!! Well!! I must confess dat I forgot dis blog thingie completely n it came back in moi mind as sum of moi frnds started doin it again… a few n a lot things have happened during dese period.. but as all kno dat I feel comfortable sharing moi feelin in front o moi frnds so I will share a dream I had recently . Well, the guys who think dat; another boring n stupid work by orange is going to start, I can assure dem dat although it’s a dream but it will take da form of a story… the story [or rather] dream started wid four characters in fact four frnds discussing among demselves abt deir trip dat ll commence on deir summer vacations..well I cudn’t identify deir faces but one of dem was certainly me. So I will designate dem by a,b,c n me. A tale of a,b,c n me. So a said ki lets go to somewhere seaside. Well although moi name is a synonym of sea in Bengali, I hate sea cz everytime I went sumwhere seaside, prickles n acnes attacked me. So I opposed strongly, b as usual said ki lets go 2 sum hillstation, dis idea waz again opposed by me as I thought I had vertigo,dese tyme I got a little frown 4m c,da only female member of our clan. All da boys of our clan though ki shez a little bit inclined 2wards dem but I knew she luffed me [hey, I waz another boy of da clan, so don take it serious :D]. a den suggested ki he haz a uncle in sum remote place o goa which iz not situated seaside either. I had a strong urge 2 oppose but dis tyme dint got enough reasons so it waz finalized. We bought tickets, gathered at a place,went dere blah blah blah…… but w8 iz of worth dat v finally reached da spot wid a extremely oled human being [perhaps waitin 2 die in presence o us] escorting us. The house wazn’t great, not at all. It looked loke an ancient medieval fort used as a toilet of da soldiers n now of the mice n all kinds of creatures. The fort or rather ruin has only 2 or 3 rooms where human can reside.our gr8 uncle not at all impressed by our arrival gave a room 4 us boys n another room 4 c [dishearted v were, mean uncle :X]. So we unpacked our luggage n baggage, n were discussing abt a’s brilliant idea. Den suddenly b came up wid an idea. Dese old toilets are favorite dwelling place for moaning maries. n they r very frndly ghosts indeed. So when the uncle came back v asked him whether dere r sum ghosts or not. The uncle made a face dat resembles the faces of characters in horror movies while narrating horrifying xps. N said “ NO”. ahhhh!! Very well now v hav completely ruined our holidays. The faces of mah collg frnds n da stolen tt bat flashed in mah mind. Hope I would dere, practicing mah always imperfect backhand..sigh sigh… suddenly c came in screaming. V xpected sumthing xciting but 2 add 2 da injuries its merely sum cockroaches [the queen xpected some hyatt rooms 4 her]. So what will we do. We asked uncle whether there are sum spots nearby. The uncle seemed a little glad n den informed us dat deir indeed r sum ancient toilets nearby. Pissed of with toilet we finally decided that since we had no other option another than seeing toilets, den lets watch sum gr8 toilets out dere ,which r called “ Tourist spots” [goodness me], instead of staring vacantly at the walls of dis stupid toilet. The plan was fixed.we will go to a nearby toilet the next day..

To be continued.....

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