Monday, February 11, 2008

The story is about a boy. A usual boy with usual habits, with even a more usual lifestyle, nothing was uncanny about the boy, everything went on with perfect harmony, of course there was a few crushes in his life, but none of them was very serious, the boy was single but was happy, as free as a cloud, roaming over the sky, with dreams in his eyes, to have something, to own someone, but he was free. There were no responsibilities, no headaches whatsoever, he always went on criticizing about the looks and other things about the girlfriends of his other friends, "you know, she doesn’t deserve you.",” this girl is not suitable for you." , " oh! Shez an absolute stunner, try him out.” Be that any kinda problem in love he was always there to help others out. He gained some reputations in being a middleman, but he never thought of himself. All were going fine with the boy enjoying his life wholeheartedly helping others. The boy grew up gradually and one day he passed the secondary exam. One day, before admission to the school, the boy was talking with one of his closest pals, the other boy said," u kno A, a beautiful girl is coming 2 our school, I m in the same coaching as the girl is, n m already somewhat started loving her", the boy smiled and said, " let her come here, I think I will be able to handle the case for u."

The first day at school after secondary Exam. the boys friend showed the boy the girl," what's so special about her??" the boy thought," neways m not going to get involved in this case, so its not mah concern." But as the periods passed the boy realized that the girl kept staring at him as if a show in the TV in going on. For the first time in his life the boy felt a thrill his mind. He was a little bit stirred; a girl staring at him was a new experience for him. But that’s all. The sections were divided n the girl fell in the same section as the girl, a feeling of joy bloomed in the boys mind, but he failed to recognize for what was that. The girl came from a reputed girls school, as the days passed the boy realized that the girl keeps gawking over him with her nervous but beautiful eyes, he ascertained the fact by asking his friends to examine her activities, (he n his friends may were wrong). The boy started getting concerned about his own activities, he realized that the girl is slowly taking place in his thoughts, but still he could not say that that was love, he thought it to be a mere infatuation, n will heal very fast, but the God had some other things in mind, the girl's section was changed n in her place came the boys some old n good friends, the boy felt happy, coz he wanted to see his friend back, but deep in this glee was hidden some sort of gloom, soon the boy realized that he can not live without seeing the girl at least once, n for that he was ready to bunk his class being aware of the fact that if he gets caught then he might get suspended. But still he could not help himself, but still he thought that it’s a mere crush n will heal soon. Days passed by. One day the boy was informed that the girl thinks him to be a thug n was afraid of him, for the first time in his life the boy experienced a kind of sorrow that he had never had in past, he started trying to change himself, started becoming more passive n concentrate on studies, but the girl had stolen his heart n she was in no intention to give it back to him, she started coming in dreams of the boy, clinching the last bit of recess that he had in his life, studies went in vain, as whenever the boy opened some books the girls face flashed on it, he could have betted anything to see the girl for once, to see her smiling nothing else he was happy seeing her smiling. the matter turned so worse that once one of the most brilliant boy in the class attended the school on the eve of an important exam just in the hope that he could see her once, it was sufficient for him, but he really had a hard luck no body turned out there, he started reaching the home late and miss his friends' company coz he awaited in the bus stand for the girl.

Love could never be hidden n the girl became aware of the fact n started avoiding the boy, it hurted the boy even more, he was not so matured then as to think that the girl may not liked him, but due to some reason the boy suddenly got serious about his studies and fought hard on the basis of what we call a miserable preparation, but he was meritorious n managed to get a satisfactory rank in a very important career orienting exam.

One of the boys' friend told him that “why don’t you propose her??". n another well wisher friend charged him up n that resulted in a proposal by the boy on the eve of the result out of the higher secondary exam, the girl waved the q, neither she told yes nor no; but the boy thought" she has not denied me, lets try a bit more" he was not in the normal state, love made him blinds otherwise he could have understand that this was a kinds of denial. But they got parted.

The boy founds a contact with the girl via one of his trustworthy friend, n he asked him to do something. The boy did do something but he carried a sad news to the boy that the girl do not love her n love sum1 else, n the boy's efforts r making their relationship suffer through downs, the girl also alleged the boy of being a nerd, one who is involved only in studies n nothing else n told that she does not like such boys, she hates them, she also told that the boy is very nonsense to think that only since hez good in studies n managed to enter a reputed institution, he must not think that he will get whatever he wishes, shez not such a cheap girl. When was asked why shez not telling it to him clearly, the reply was that she likes to PLAY WITH THE BOY’S HEART N FEELINGS, ITS LIKE A GAME FOR HER,A GAME INDEED.

The boy was already bleeding, he might not have been able to withstand this blow if there were not some golden friends with him, with the efforts by those friends n enormous effort by the boy himself, he was able to forget her somewhat.

But the destiny played its game again, the boy had to go to his school becoz of some social gathering, n he saw the girl there again with her boyfriend, his heart wanted to tear itself apart, his mind refused to assist his body, but he still went on with a forced smile lingering in the edges of his dry lips.

The boy is dead now, his tears have dried, his heart is not responding but he have made a promise before the go, that he will arise again, arise as a phoenix does from its ashes,n this time he will transform, he will impart everything in his character that he was alleged of.



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