Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The things that I've learnt ever since I entered JU:-

1) Vodka tastes like pickled shit. What on Earth makes people drink that????
2) Carrying cigarette packets in your jeans is harmful for your wallet.
3) Cigarette smoking is injurious for your pocket.
4) Table tennis is not a bad game either.
5) Cheat in the exams, unless the guard's gonna catch you.
6) Teachers suffer from a huge amount of complex.
7) Most of the people are not open minded and unapproachable.
8) Seniors are basically good guys but there are exceptions.
9) Nitrazepum is for people who really need it.
10) Gods are there as there are demons.
11) Ragging is not that an issue.
12) The doors is a highly overrated band.
13) Kurt forever.
14) People usually are not ready to help others.
15) Sweet girls are hard to find.
16) Being present in the class is a good habit, but being absent may help you more.
17) Lectures are boring.
18) Beer tastes best when chilled.
19) Hangout is really a cool thing to do, much cooler than a date.
20) Sudipta [male] is a Gandu.


arijit said...

tui pickled shit kheyechis bujhi?

Jagjit said...

hahaha. quite a funny list of learnings. and a bold one at that, esp the last point :) :)