Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The exams are finally over and this could not have been a more disastrous ending. Although it was much better than I expected and also mentioned in the last entry. As expected I got screwed in the digital section, had to leave 7 marks untouched. There are wrong answers among the others too. However as one of my friends says, the results are still at least two months away, so lets stop talking about this and enjoy this moment. The most important thing that I learnt in this exam is that its getting tougher and tougher to manage the syllabus at the last moment. I studied continuously for at least 3 weeks last sem but still failed to manage to cover the whole syllabus properly, I mean it was done somewhat but it was not enough, as I realised during each and every single paper. So I reckon that I'll have to start the studies for the next semester soon, unless the same thing will occur once again. This was the most difficult semesters that I've faced in my life. Most of the papers were tough, I mean that may those not have been that tough but with that level of preparation, everything seems tough. The circuit theory paper was tough, had there not been Gorai with his helping hands, I would surely have been screwed. The prime mover paper was not that tough. But because for my reluctance and also some ambiguous question setting, it went bad for me. Primarily because I didn't have good marks in the class tests, I am sure that I will fail to score even an A in that subject, the rest is in the hands of the God. The computer and materials papers went well, then came maths, the paper was easy but we had poor marks in the class tests [courtesy- mm], so it will not give me a good grade either. And finally electronics. Swagatam Das set his best, and there was no Gorai to help me. Souvik was there though but the guard was strict resulting in me to have a nightmare. However I think I'll not be able to score greater than 8.2-8.3 this sem. Lets see what happens next sem.

Oh!! by the way!! there's a girl who is very much furious on me. I want to say her that I am sorry and this will happen never again. He was not intending it. Please forgive me. :)

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Soulreaver said...

U lost.. u lost dude. That is when u dug ur grave. now who's gonna pull u up. Earth's too busy with her sleep. n u r spending sleepless nyts now. Die