Monday, December 15, 2008

Its the eve of the last exam of 2 year 1st sem, the much anticipated electronics paper, for some people. For me, its the worst nightmare that can ever come. You know, the math paper was really trivial, and we all were under lots of pressure regarding that, so it had been a release for me, release from fatigue, my mind is simply refusing to cooperate me, I know that tomorrow I am going to get screwed bigtime, I know that I am entering the cage with 20 marks as handicap, I know I have forgot the implementation of the easiest of gates and muxes and demuxes and blah blah blah, I know that I've left the 555 timer and decade counter untouched, and lastly I know the great Swagatam Das is going to set the paper, but all these are not bothering me currently, unless I would have been in the bed now. The grades gonna fall markedly, the gpa will become worse, scoring 8.5 will remain in dreams but still I have turned somewhat ignorant to all these, most probably because of the frequent fatigue and fatigue release, that has brought about a permanent set of deformation in my mind. Each and every boy of the class are at bed now, but I am awake, I know it gonna affect ma performance tomorrow, but you know I can't help. I am still wondering that why cant these motherfuckers set a easier paper. Once I was told that setting a difficult paper is not a hard task to accomplish at all, but its really tough to make it easy. Probably the teachers are also too much reluctant to think about the paper. All in all I am gonna get sucked up bigtime tomorrow. All I can now ask for is to request you that " pray for me brother, pray for me sister:. Adieu.

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