Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Arsenal???

For such a long time, I have been repetitively asked by my companions that why the heck I love Arsenal, for those who don't know what Arsenal is, its a club in the EPL [English Premier League]. Most of my now and ex-classmates and also the other boys of the same age support Manchester United wholeheartedly, and so many times they have insisted me to switch over from Arsenal to Manchester United, and I denied the offer, off course it doesn't matter for either Manchester United or Arsenal, gaining or loosing support of a single supporter may not seem interesting for the clubs, but still, the single reason that makes me not to support Manchester United is their arrogance, they boast off much more than they actually are, I mean their play style sucks [at least to me], I cant remember of a single player that Manchester United has discovered, the so much discussed Wayne Rooney was clinched from a not so well known EPL club, Everton, just because Manchester United has lots of money, for years they have stole [or in other words, imported] discoveries of other clubs. This is a field where Arsenal simply zooms past Manchester United, the famous English defender Sol Campbell came to Arsenal without having the club to pay any transfer fees. The second reason that makes me hate Man U is the presence of Sir Alex Ferguson, although he is a nice coach but then everything regarding this gentleman is full of arrogance,from his appearance to his words, on the other hand Arsen Wenger talks little, doesn't have a tendency to get into disputes, Alex regards the players of Man U to be his sole property, The third and most profound reason is that I simply can't watch the gamestyle of the Reds, the same play acting by Christiano Ronaldo earns them a penalty, they score from it, and the opponent gets dishearted feeling that they are playing against 12 opponents, while Rio Ferdinand is a good player in my opinion, the same sort of charge by Wes Brown often results in a yellow card to the opponent, Evra is a good player, but another overrated player is Neville, very few times, I have seen him playing to his reputation. The aggressive, physical gamestyle, and galore play acting and some other privileges from the officials enables them to win a match and even the championship, but they can never play like Arsenal, although I like Arsenal playing at Highbury much, the new Emirates Stadium is gorgeous too, when the team attacks, it resembles tides crushing on the shore, Cesc Fabregas is the player I like most, he has plenty of talent [not comparable to Ronaldo though, but he doesn't require play acting to win], it has been a tradition for them. One's eye really remains glued while they are playing, they are so composed you know.But then, they are not half as rich as Man U, so they fail to develop a lineup that is comparable to some other rich clubs of the EPL.Which depraves them of the trophy. But I am sure, as they have shown in the past, this club will earn plenty of bucks, and then Man U!!! you are over.

Man U sucks!!! GAME OVER

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sayansengupta said...

being an arsenal supporter , your points are quite valid, but you should respect fergusson's personality..keeping the control of his high-profile players..arsen wenger, is a completely differnt one..each has its same style of coaching. ok returning to the blog any die hard arsenal fan would love it. i could not say anything about the individual footballers sice i have little knowledge of EPL