Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Canteen vs Classroom

When I was a newcomer in my college, I used to attend a lot of classes, not that I liked them so much, but in order to avoid ragging, and I thought that performing some act commonly known as " bunking" is not suitable for newcomers either. "Classes are boring", there's this universal rule , classes can never be entertaining. No matter how amusing the lecture be, still it cant surpass some tt rounds. As I grew older, I gained enough courage to start bunking classes. Some appropriate companion also helped it occur. And I found that the outside of the class is much more interesting than the inside. I started spending lots of time outside the class, regardless of how important the class was, I bunked it. and I found that they don't take a toll on my results either. Teachers being completely unfamiliar with my face, failed to develop even a bad impression on me. Time passed on smoothly until one day I found that the outside of the class is not a very entertaining or amusing place either, indeed its fine for short periods, but performing the same activities over and over again, waiting for the tt bat and my turn to come, sitting aimlessly in the union room or canteen with all my friends in class, smoking cigarettes only to find people demanding first,second,.... counters, destroying money over filthy foods from canteen, and watching the same old faces again and again and listening to their usual words. I realized that if I have to hear lectures then why not from professors, they get paid for the job, and their performance is much better. Then all on a sudden, one day I decided to attend a class. I found it rather interesting, I realized that even classes be much more amusing than recess. Moreover I can save lots of money by attending them, because unless I would have to collect the notes. And I left the class with a proper understanding of whatever the teacher had told, the very next class was extremely boring, I could not even hear half the words uttered by the teacher, I learned that like many other things classes can be both boring and interesting, it is not that all classes are boring, people would say that it depends on the teacher but according to me, it depends majorly upon the students. Because if one has grown the mentality that all classes are boring, then nobody can persuade him from feeling bored inside the class, CLASSES ARE INTERESTING, TRY TO ATTEND THEM, AND DON'T BEAR A PREASSIGNED MENTALITY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET BORED. Moreover one has to think about the 70% attendance rule until the movement create some effect [:D]

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sayansengupta said...

100% sotti kotha..e besi kichu bolbo na