Saturday, October 20, 2007

Engineering mechanics (JL Meriam+LG Kraige) vol-1(statics) + solution manual of vol-2(sdynamics) of the same book

So now the studies have started, as a newbie in this field, I have gained very little experience, but still enough to suggest others some books, in our university although u r in electrical engg a study of mechanical engg is a must(I don't know abt da others). In this subject I can suggest u a very good book, ie Engineering Mechanics (by JL Merium & LG Kraigge), both volumes of this book is worth a try, but in my opinion the dynamics volume (ie vol-2) is better than the statics counterpart. This is not a book meant for a through study of the subject, what I'm tryin to say is that u can't build concept by reading this book, it expects that u have come fully prepared, the sums included in this book are pieces of treasures. They r not too hard, but r enough make u prepared for any type of problem, I will strongly recommend this book to the newbies.

I'm giving the link for the free e-book of the statics part (ed-V) below:

soln manual for statics part:

here u will get the solutions manual for dynamics vol:

however I could not find the vol-2 of the book, I will inform as soon as I get them

please note that this book is not uploaded by me nor am I associated with the process, my job is to search the web & provide the readers with free ebooks, so I will not held responsible for any harm caused by downloading them. Download at ur own responsibility.


Medo said...

Thank you very much .Please if you have any book about civil engineerig please send the link to the following e-mails

Anonymous said...

heey the link for the solutions manual for the statics part doesn't work =(

could u send it to me by e-mail?

saravana said...

link is dead pls mail me up link for download my mail id is